A Corporate Statement

To our web site visitors:

We would like to thank you for visiting our web site and introduce you to our company, Safety Systems & Solutions Inc., located in Wynantskill, New York.

Safety Systems & Solutions, Inc. is a specialty safety training company, which employs a professional staff with many years of experience in all safety disciplines ranging from general safety to nuclear safety. The company has been in business for over eighteen years and moved to its present location in Wynantskill, New York six years ago. The new facility allows both indoor and outdoor training with ample room for either. Our classroom will accept up to fifty students comfortably. We are situated on approximately five acres to adequately accommodate any outdoor required training.

Over the years, the company has served in excess of five hundred clients, and still maintains training with most of these companies today. Our clients include Fortune 500 industrial clients, federal and state agencies, municipalities, major utilities, educational institutions, manufacturers, and contractors. We have a professional staff to meet with you immediately to discuss your safety needs.

Safety Systems & Solutions, Inc. provides certified and hands-on training second to none. We will also offer specialized training at your own site. We have also developed an expertise in grant writing with in-house professionals who have written successful proposals for federal, state and private funding for both profit and non-profit entities. This includes commercial enterprises, municipalities, and educational institutions. In many cases the development of funding through many sources allows the client to achieve the overall training costs.

Safety Systems & Solutions, Inc. specialized programs include workman's compensation reduction, liability reduction, sub-contractor compliance programs, risk analysis, and any other type of O.S.H.A. required compliance and training and procedures packages to fit all of your needs.

Some of our programs include:

  1. Hazwoper 24hr.,Hazwoper 40hr., Hazwoper 8hr. Refresher Training.
  2. Confined Space, and Lock out Tag out Training.
  3. Computerized and Standard Forklift Training and Evaluation.
  4. Aerial Platform Lift Training.
  5. Trackmobile Training.
  6. Commercial Drivers License Testing and Training.
  7. Backhoe, Bucket Loader Training.
  8. Crane Inspections.
  9. Crane Operator Training.
  10. Indoor Air Quality Testing.
  11. Rigger Training.
  12. Lead Awareness and Abatement Training for Workers, Supervisors and Managers.
  13. HM-215 Training. Packaging and Transportation of Hazardous Materials.
  14. D.O.T. Compliance Audits, Policies, Enforcement, Drivers Log Services.
  15. Accident/Incident Investigation Training.
  16. Sling Inspection and Replacement Services.
  17. Bloodborne Pathogen Policy and Training.
  18. Instrumentation Training.
  19. Drug and Alcohol Training
  20. Facility Safety Audits.
  21. M.S.H.A. Training.
  22. Driver Accident Reduction Programs.
  23. Many other types of Compensation and liability reduction programs & services.
  24. Bucket Truck Inspections.
  25. Company Safety Policies.

Safety Systems & Solutions, Inc. would very much like to be a partner in your safety training and programs. If you have any questions concerning any of our services please do not hesitate to call us. Safety and training is a major part of any risk management, compensation reduction, loss prevention and O.S.H.A. compliance programs. These programs and policies could save your company money, many times over, both in real dollars, liability, and downtime costs.

Thank you for the opportunity to present our growing company and a list of needed services we can provide.

Wishing you a great year;

The Management and Staff
Safety Systems and Solutions, Inc.

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